Business Transformation Office

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The Business Transformation Office (BTO) serves as an internal business advisory organization, providing consulting services to the UCLA campus. The BTO supports the planning and governance of business transformation initiatives, collaborating with organizations across UCLA to assess business process efficiency, operational performance and environmental factors to identify opportunities for improvement.

Offering a breadth and depth of professional services, BTO leverages skilled professionals who work with campus organizations to design and implement integrated solutions to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness. BTO-focused initiatives employ modern platforms designed to enable continuous improvement, leverage transformative capabilities, and deliver sustained change for UCLA long term.

Our Goals

Modernize UCLA’s Platforms
Transition UCLA from mainframe systems to SAAS/Cloud solutions, enabling more mobile and portal/web capabilities, improved automation, operational efficiency, scalability, cost effectiveness and better customer service.  We want to build and leverage the transformative capabilities intrinsic to modern SAAS/Cloud platforms  to allow for continuous improvement and sustained change, long-term.
Optimize Data Analytics, Business Intelligence & UCLA’s Data Strategy
Improve decision making at all levels across the UCLA system, while driving performance, increasing transparency and improving efficiency thru data.  Our goal is to develop compliant, secure and scalable strategies that are sustainable and transformative.  We also aim to build a “single source” of data for the campus that all customers can leverage for business decisions.
Email: [email protected]
Address: 10880 Wilshire Blvd., 4th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90024